SPCA Volunteer Spotlight

"I work from 6am to 6pm on weekdays as a gold trader but no amount of money can compare to the immense joy I feel when volunteering at SPCA. For a long time, I followed the good work SPCA did for community animals in Singapore. So when I decided it was time for me to start giving back more actively, SPCA was my number one choice. My life's primary value is compassion. Every day, I try to incorporate that into everything I do. So when it comes to caring for these animals, it's easy to be committed. A couple of weeks after my first volunteer session, the shelter dogs finally recognized me and I was no longer just a stranger. It was such a warm feeling. They started to be comfortable around me and I became even more comfortable being with them. The memories I made with these amazing animals is something I will take to my grave". -Prem, 34, Shelter volunteer, with Harvey Dedicated volunteers like Prem keep our services running. To apply as a volunteer: https://forms.gle/NanPJjy2RtMuGzjAA